Hero Dad

«Hero Dad» Preschool tv serie Animation Supervisor   For more information: Wisebluestudios website   Apunt   Youtube (outside Spain) Hero Dad nominee as Best Animated TV Show at the Premios Quirino The Team:


«Jasper journey to the end of the world» 3D Feature film Character Animator German Trailer German Trailer 2 French Trailer Cinema Poster          Movie Frames  


«Peter the scarecrow» 2d feature film 2D Animation    

Balas perdidas

«Balas Perdidas» 2D tv serie 2D Animation        


«Palomitas» Shortfilm Animation Supervisor


«Tom» 2D tv serie 2D Animation     https://www.rtve.es/infantil/series/tom/

Dent de Lleó

«Dent de Lleó» 2D Shortfilm Animation Co- Director Film festivals in facebook

Nina y kiko

Nina y Kiko 3D tv serie Character Animator   In cooperation with